Areas of expertise include:


•  Global Strategy – developing strategy, advising on critical social issues such as:

  environmental\sustainability, youth employment, hunger & shelter and human trafficking.


•  Project Management – developing and leading projects including long-term projects with global scope

   engaging stakeholders across multiple business functions.


•  Nonprofit / NGO Partnerships – assessing, establishing and managing strategic relationships with

   nonprofit organizations with national and international scope.


•  Communications – positioning sustainability and social responsibility programs as core company

   principles, building value through internal and external communication channels.


 Stakeholder Engagement - developing an approach and response for campaigns  with special  

   interest, investment and advocacy groups focused on social and environmental impact issues.


 Sustainability Reporting – reporting on sustainability and social responsibility results to external

   stakeholders by leading content development and design of sustainability reports written to GRI    



•  Employee Engagement – creating infrastructure for employee engagement including recognition

  programs and high-profile community events involving executives.


•  Disaster Relief – advising on disaster response including establishing processes for international

   grant-making that complies with the U.S. Patriot Act.


I like to create new things, starting with an idea and working collaboratively to build on it.



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